Confirm or deny your beach!

9 03 2009
Example of a SEANET beach as seen in Google Earth

Example of a SEANET beach as seen in Google Earth

As SEANET strives to improve our data collection and quality control protocols, we have undertaken a substantial endeavor. We are looking through our database beach by beach in order to ascertain the start and end points for each SEANET beach. Of course, we cannot do this alone. You Seanetters are the ones who know the conditions on your beach: where you begin, where you turn around, sections that are impassable. In the coming weeks, you can expect an email from SEANET containing an image like the one seen here.

What we need each of you to do is look at the image provided when you receive the email and verify that the start and end points are indeed what you walk. If there are any discrepancies, no matter how minor, please let us know. You can download the Google Earth program yourself for free and zoom in on your beach. Just label the correct boundaries for your beach and send the image back to us. We can provide additional information on how to do this if you find you need to correct your beach and aren’t sure how to proceed.

This is a pivotal step in ensuring that we have accurate files on your beach so that we can calculate exactly how much terrain you cover on your walks. Our data are reported in carcasses per kilometer, so we must be very stringent about those kilometer calculations.




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