Feature film: Coastline Guide Service

2 03 2009

In a previous blogpost, SEANET gave a little information on our work in Common Eiders (see “Common Eider reseach update“). We gave a much deserved shout out to hunter/guide Jack Renfrew in that post. Since then, SEANET has begin performing necropsies on the eiders Jack supplied us in November. So far, the necropsies have revealed that the birds have moderate levels of infestations by acanthocephalan worms (typical for even healthy eiders) and that the birds had recently fed on blue mussels. Blue mussels are the eiders’ favorite prey, and the stomachs of all the birds necropsied so far were full of partial or pulverized shells.

In the interest of further publicizing our favorite guide and eider supplier, SEANET asks that you take a look at this fabulous video clip starring Jack, his son (holding a banded Brant) their Labrador and numerous gifted avian extras. Check it out here!




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