SEANET database to undergo overhaul

17 02 2009

logo Megan Hines, database whiz from NBII, the system that graciously hosts the SEANET database, will be visiting this week to carefully reevaluate the database, the data entry system, and various and sundry other matters. We have compiled all the complaints, compliments and suggestions you have submitted over the past few months and hope to make changes to the database that will increase its ease of use and utility for everyone.

Megan is incredibly busy with other projects and yet always responds promptly to SEANET concerns via email. To have her actually on site for a few days to help us with our system is an incredible opportunity. Once we’re done tormenting Megan and making endless adjustments to the database, we hope to unveil the new and improved system. We know that any change requires extra attention and care on the part of our volunteers, and we thank you in advance for your tolerance and for not throwing shoes or other potentially harmful objects.

If you have concerns or suggestions about the database, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will incorporate them into our discussions with Megan.




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