SEANET in the Yucatan, Mexico

2 12 2008

The courtyard outside one of the many churches in Merida, Mexico.

Because I am so fundamentally dedicated to SEANET, I have traveled here to the paradise of Merida, Mexico. The ostensible reason: to attend the 2008 EcoHealth conference, and present our dear program to the many participants here. I will be explaining how SEANET brings together citizen science (you) as well as necropsies and scientific research (us) in a collaboration to address threats to seabirds and the larger marine environment. Many of your excellent photos from the field grace the presentation.

So far, I have not had a chance to inspect the white sand beaches here for suitability as SEANET beaches. The only bird I encountered today who was willing to submit to having his picture taken was a one-legged pigeon in a city square. He regarded me with disinterest, and perhaps a small measure of hope that I would share a piece of my Saltine with him.

Keep an eye on the blog for future developments from here in Mexico. Perhaps I will make it to those fabled white sand beaches after all…


A one-legged pigeon regards me coolly.




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